West Penida Tour

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West Penida Tour                                                                                 

  IDR  1.000.000 /Adult                                                                                                                          

  IDR 800.000 / Child ( 03 – 10 Yo )

In West Penida, we can step on Kelingking Beach with its famous dinosaur head, where our eyes pampered by an unforgettable sight. Next destination are Angel Billabong and Broken Beach . They have many great spots for taking pictures, accomplished by the unique and preety reefs . last but not least, is Crystal Bay . A flat beach where we can witness the beauty of nature and even better , we can be part of nature by dip ourselves into the water.


 Return Hotel & fast boat trasfer, AC Vehicle with driver and gasoline , lunch at local restaurant, mineral water,entrance & parking fee.

ANGEL BILLABONG                                    BROKEN BEACH

KELINGKING                                                  CRYSTAL BAY BEACH


  • if you have any request,question and reserve, please don’t be hesitate to let us know, thank you



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  1. Mayara stopke

    This trip was amazing!
    Everything great! The guide Gede is very friendly, excellent photographer and knows everywhere. I really recommend it 🙂 I’m looking forward to come back!

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